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Morning! It's #mugshotmonday which is the perfect excuse to ask your opinion about these prototypes! Me and mugs have a slightly rocky relationship. There are so many factors that contribute to them either feeling beautiful or not. Plus there are a gazillion design aspects which make them super comfy and functional or not. Getting the handle curve right isn't something I can rely on yet. And don't even talk to me about cracks appearing during the drying process where the handle joins the…

from Great British Chefs

Sea bass with Jerusalem artichoke purée, roasted garlic and red wine

Pan-fried sea bass sits beautifully atop a mound of creamy beans in Mark Dodson's indulgent recipe. A rich Jerusalem artichoke purée and robust red wine jus are perfect accompaniments, while the suggested plating with deep-fried rocket and sun-dried tomatoes would take this dish to another level.


architecturemas: Seats limited edition, designed by architect Maya master Daniel Widrig, constructed of laminated sheets of plywood through 5-axis CNC router. Digital simulation prototyped through digital dynamics. “Realization of this design proves that the human imagination and skills have no limits.”

from SnapLap

Mazda 787B - one victory was enough for the glory

Escuyer's basics are designed to be elegant, simple and perfect for everyday use. We offer a unique internet based subsription that will allow you to save precious time and continually have fresh...


idea, Re-design Project: after discussing "design," have the students choose an object that they feel needs to be "re-designed," and have them tackle aesthetics and function (even have fake customer peer critique role playing) until they submit a final draft drawing of the newly improved version of the product they re-designed.


Steel stool I love the sobriety of the steel stool prototype by Noon studio, created according to their philosophy of using honest materials and simplicity of execution.