Fascinating Trivia Questions for Adults to Check Their Knowledge

When bored sitting at your desk with nothing much to do, trivia questions and facts can make things interesting for you. Here's a compilation of some intriguing questions, which are bound to fascinate you and help you keep the boredom at bay.

Ask an unscripted question. Why are the staph infection rates so much LOWER on Ward Why are sales so much HIGHER in Region Why are of the children NOT malourished? Why do some at-risk boys SUCCEED in school?

Guess the Disney Movie Song Party Game. Spans a range in age and I can honestly say no one got them all right. Though I do suggest you say "No smart phones/ipads to look up the answers!

Kids Movie Trivia (Free Printable

TriBond - three words with a common bond.  Easy, medium, and hard TriBonds with answers

TriBond - three words with a common bond. Easy, medium, and hard TriBonds with answers: don't look at the answers until you have attempted to solve the brain teasers!

The Wizard Of Oz premiered in 1939 which proves that this movie is timeless. And even all the “superfans” of this classic probably didn’t know these 7 facts… until now. I LOVE FACT NUMBER

Presidential Trivia - An American Presidents Quiz

Add this presidential trivia to an inauguration party, of July event, trivia party, or pub night. The multiple choice questions also make for a fun quiz for teachers to use in the classroom.

Time to add some challenging fun to your classroom routine with Brain Teasers for teens! First, give these head-scratchers a try: When you’re ready, scroll down for the answers.

Name that tune night. Get a list of music from everyone's spotify playlists and set up a bingo card. you have to be able to guess the song to get the bingo space.

19 Must Know Rainforest Facts For Kids

Are you searching for more information about rainforest facts for kids? Read on the post and learn some fun and interesting facts about the rainforest here!

Printable Christmas Trivia Game

This free printable Christmas trivia game is perfect for both adults and kids. How many of these 10 questions can you answer correctly?

How to Teach Place Value in Math

How to teach Place Value in Math with this easy game. Students use a fly swatter to "whack" the number in the correct place value as called out to the student.