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Which Famous Book Character Are You?

I got: Katniss Everdeen! You are a strong, independent survivalist who is good at thinking outside the box. You are usually very logical and rarely lets your emotion get in the way. Although you are cold, sarcastic and cynical and not good at making friends, when you have one you are there to protect them no matter what. Way to go GIRL ON FIRE! Which Famous Book Character Are You?

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Which Fruit Matches Your Personality?

I got Strawberry! Which Fruit Matches Your Personality? Honestly, i am not the strawberry. Everyone likes strawberries, but everyone hates me so. (nothing some sugar wouldn't help...)

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What Role Would You Play In A Fairytale?

What's your role in a magical fairytale? Find out now by answering these short questions! (5 questions)

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What Is Your Element?

Your element is wind! You like to relax and have a good time. You're carefree and chill. You like to work in a group, however, once you're in the group you may not pull your weight. Your intentions are pure, but you can be very lazy. After all, why walk when you can fly?

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Which New Emoji Are You?

I just found out that there is a unicorn emoji and I freaked out!!! PS I got this emoji in the quiz what emoji are u?

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Which Emoji Matches Your Soul?

I got Pile o' Poop - Which Emoji Matches Your Soul? - Take the quiz!

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QUIZ: Which Finding Nemo Character Are You?

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What Ice Cream Flavor Are You?

You got: Strawberry Cool, refreshing, and always a popular choice — that’s you. People love being around you for your sense of fun and lightheartedness, and you always know how to keep them entertained. Basically, you are the berry of the gods. Congrats!

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QUIZ: Which Inside Out Emotion Are You?

Which Inside Out Emotion Are You? Take this quiz to find out! I got joy!!

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