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Full South Park Episodes

South Park is still a great show. I’m in the park of loving The Simpsons but not enjoying Family Guy. South Park has similar jokes to Family Guy, but they are relevant and appropriate to the plot…the smarter writing and continuous laughs keeps me coming back to South Park.

#ComedyCentral’s “#SouthPark” on Wednesday night delivered a standout episode for anyone who has ever experienced frustration with his or her #cable company or who has objected to content on one or more basic cable #networks. That would pretty much be all of us, wouldn’t it?


In its long history, the English language has had many lawmakers - those who have tried to regulate or otherwise organize the way we speak. The Lexicographer's Dilemma poses a pair of questions: What does proper English mean? And who gets to say what's right? Our ideas of correct or proper English have a history, and today's debates over the state of the language - whether about Ebonics in schools, the unique use of language in a South Park episode, or split infinitives in the Times - make…