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full moon -- Questions to ask myself: How has my intention taken shape? What was the most fun action I took during the waxing phase? What am I most proud of? What do I want to release – that is no longer serving me?

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These Magnificent Moon Lanterns Will Light Up Your Home Like Never Before

You need a Luna lamp! What's prettier than looking up at a bright full moon on a crisp autumn night? Now you can recreate the magnificent effect inside your own home with these beautiful lanterns that resemble the moon.

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2017 Lunar Calendar Print

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Showcase of Creative Print Designs with Hot Foil Stamping

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The full moon has long captured the human imagination and features prominently in many cultural traditions. The gravitational moon governs our tides, and many believe, our moods.

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The abundance spell is a very old spell that honors the Goddess of the Moon. The effects of this spell are powerful and will create a life full of abundance

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