Which "Full House" Character Are You? Michelle Tanner. "You’ve got a big personality, which makes you naturally the center of attention. (And that’s the way you like it.)"

Which "Full House" Character Are You?

Which "Full House" Character Are You You got: Michelle Tanner You’ve got a big personality, which naturally makes you the center of attention.

Full House love uncle Jessie

21 Times You Fell In Love With Uncle Jesse From "Full House"

Community Post: 21 Times You Fell In Love With Uncle Jesse From "Full House"

I got Michelle Tanner! You have everyone wrapped around your little finger. You’re sassy and spunky and that can get you into trouble sometimes (when you’re not trying to purposefully cause it), but your way with words and big puppy dog eyes help you get out of any situation. Oh and nobody better get in the way of you and your food.

Which "Full House" Sister Are You?

I got Michelle Tanner! Which "Full House" Sister Are You? I love how theres so many full house quizzes and i always get something different

Don't watch this show but this is funny>>only pinning this bc who doesn't watch full house?!?

I got Michelle on the full house quiz

My favorite show. I have every episode, and I've seen them all a million times but i never get tired of it.

Little baby Olsen twin

For me it's not that deep inside I love food! LOL

I don't even try to hide my inner Michelle

Michelle and uncle Jesse love

Mary-Kate Olsen and John Stamos from Full House. Cutest ever.

Chances are if you were a child of the 90's you would know that catchphrase all too well! {curated onto https://www.pinterest.com/notjustretro/full-house-fuller-house/ }

Things that make me smile BIG (34 photos)

You got it, Dude. full house (one of their Michelle acting as Jesse's therapist sessions, always adorable)

Uncle Jesse + Michelle

Who didn’t like Uncle Jesse? (19 photos)

Uncle Jesse & Michelle I ❤ full house A Manie favorite tv show!

Michelle Tanner - Full House Valentines || Free PDF Printables Available

Full House Valentines

Michelle reminds me of me

80's and 90s nostalgia    http://elitestrategies.tumblr.com  #throwback

One of my favorite Full House episodes.

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Uncle Jesse and Michelle, Full House

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That you must go nuts having to talk to kids all day.

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Full House: just loved those days...

Full house cast sisters Dj, Stephanie, and Michelle Tanner

Uncle Jesse/ Full House <3

Hit TV shows for your entertainment photos)

Full House - Quotes #fullhouse #fullhousetvquotes

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