Fuel Economy Comparisons 2011 FleetCards USA

Toyota Prius v vs. 2013 Ford C-MAX Fuel Economy Comparison Drive | Ford MPG Fraud

Gearing up for a weekend drive? Boost your fuel economy (and save gas money) by following these simple tips.

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This company may be revolutionizing the power and transportation industries. a power generator that can produce gigawatts of power from 1 liter of water. installed in an electric car it would give a fuel economy of 12,000 miles per gallon of water(fuel). It sounds too good to be true. We should see products hitting the industrial markets somewhere around 2016 if it is true.

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Help make August "FUEL EFFICIENCY MONTH" by visiting Hyundai's Facebook page and signing their petition. While you're there, use the U.S. Department of Energy's official source for fuel economy information to do a side-by-side MPG comparison between the car you're driving now and a new more fuel efficient car.

What do you know about SUVs and Fuel economy that would enable you to choose a better SUV thats light on your wallet? Get in and find out variety of efforts from SUV manufacturer to milk that extra energy from the already scarce and expensive fuel. Understand these and you are capable of choosing the right SUV.

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The EPA Fuel Economy Label Through the years… 1974 (image of original fuel economy label alongside 1970s car and a guy wearing bell bottoms.) 1978 (image of 1978 fuel economy label) 1986 (image of 1986 fuel economy label, a car from the mid 1980s, a large cellphone and a woman with big hair.) 1995 (image of 1995 fuel economy label alongside a car from the mid-1990s and a web browser page from that era.) 2008 (image of 2008 fuel economy label along with a flip phone and a car…

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