I set off 12 months ago with £4500 that I had saved from my job (see one year living in my van). I estimated it would last about 10 months but I still have some left. I often get questions about costs so I thought I’d share with you what I’ve spent. Here are my diesel/fuel and living …

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Electric Car Fuel Cost Comparison Calculator its free to use and free to add to your blog/website as well.

you can easily contact GPS Technologies. The company will assist you in purchasing optimum quality vehicle tracking systems for your own transportation business

This elite stove fan has four blades and an ultra low start up temperature requirement of only 50°C!The fan is virtually silent and requires no batteries to operate it. The stove fan circulates the warm air from your fire around the room to help reduce fuel consumption and heat the room faster and more efficiently therefore reducing your fuel costs. Please select either 187mm or 230mm size from the drop down list.

Electric cars could cut oil imports 40% by 2030, says study

Massive switch to electric cars could save drivers £1,000 a year on fuel costs, if infrastructure is built to support the vehicles

Radical SR8 2009 spec. 2.6 RPA V8 460 BHP Engine time approx. 14 hours used. This vehicle cost £130,000 (Including upgrades) UPGRADES Floating discs £3000.00 Le Mans style carbon composite high downforce Bi-Plane rear wing £2500.00 Air jack system £750.00 Data logger/stack dash display synchro. vid system £2000.00 Passenger seatbelt £150.00 Upgraded diffuser £1000.00 Fuel tank 77 litre FIA/dry brake system £1000.00 Hewland gearbox with upgraded paddle shift - 6…

Here is a list of all the rocket mass heaters and rocket stoves at wheaton labs. A rocket mass heater is a space heating system developed from the rocket stove, an efficient cooking stove invented for and introduced in developing nations in the late 80's and early 90's to decrease fuel usage and smoke emission. The Rocket mass heater is a hybrid with elements of this efficient wood burning stove and a masonry heater.In contrast to the masonry heater, which requires advanced masonry skills…

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Google Maps quietly launches fuel calculator

Google Maps quietly launches fuel calculator | Google has snuck out a new feature on Google Maps which calculates the approximate fuel cost for your journey. Buying advice from the leading technology site

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