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citrus fruit—reminds me of the children's book I loved: Purple, Green, and Yellow

Thanks Shannon. Done at True North. @radiantcolorsink #radiantcolorsinkcrew.

I've had my ups and downs but I always found the inner strength to pull myself up, I was served lemons but I made lemonade 🍋

Drawings by May van Millingen - Design Hunter - UK design  lifestyle blog

Drawings by May van Millingen

29 Cute and Sexy Bee Tattoo Designs

Amazing Bee Tattoo Design

Being tattooed doesn't have to mean going all out. You can get some super subtle tiny tattoos that will suit even the most tattoo-phobic among us. These twelve adorable minimalist tattoos from Playground Tattoo in Korea are prime examples and we're sure they'll make you want to get inked!

Korean tattoo artist who goes by the name Playground Tattoo has been making minimal tattoos with big ideas behind them.