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Each bat can eat 2000-6000 insects in a single night! They eat all kinds of insects, including mosquitoes carrying diseases! Love a bat today!

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Bats save energy by drawing in wings on upstroke

FML... It's war bats! The next one who thinks my house is awesome to fly in... Gets it! Bat #4 beware!!!

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If you Use Vinegar in the Garden these 12 Miracles will Happen

Vinegar has myriads of uses in the kitchen but it can also do miracles in the garden! Look at these 12 amazing vinegar uses in the garden to know more.

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Ceramic Dachshund Planter Vintage Design In Chili Pepper Red Wiener Dog Gift Condiment Cracker Olive Tray

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Onions can be grown easily either indoors in containers or outdoors. It helps in growth of fruit trees, nightshades (tomatoes, peppers, potatoes), brassicas, carrots and repels slugs, aphids, carrot fly, cabbage worms. They should not be planted along with beans, peas and parsley.You can harvest onions at any stage. The plants you thin from a row can be used as green onions. However, they are ready when about ½ the tops have fallen over and the bulbs’ skins have a papery feel.

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Egyptian Fruit Bats - there is a baby tucked in mama's folds, stretching it's little wing

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carnivorous string garden - great for in the kitchen during fruit fly season...seriously thinking of doing this with all the fruit flies we get.

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Ceramic Pig Planter Vintage Design in Lemon Yellow Succulent Planter Retro Sponge Holder Home Decor

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