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Swoon-Worthy Non Floral Centerpieces

With so many beautifully colored fruits out there, who needs floral centerpieces? Decorate your tables with your favorite colored fruits (these pomegranates are gorgeous) to give your wedding a unique and tasty look.


Gorgeous Fresh Fruit Centerpieces

If you are looking for unique wedding ideas, creating wedding centerpieces without flowers might be interesting for you to explore. The Gorgeous Fresh Fruit Centerpieces tutorial would be an excellent place to start.


Hydrangea-Centerpiece - I like the limes inside, I am digging the fruit, kind of like the granny smith apples in some of the other center pieces... Are granny smith fall apples???


Ever seen an edible arrangement at a party before? I have always wanted to make one because a fruit bouquet makes a beautiful centerpiece at any events. However, it seems like a lot of work and do…