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Fruit barley drink. Make a barley drink as a reminder of Ruth harvesting the barley.


10 Mediterranean Diet Main Dishes Under 400 Calories

The Mediterranean diet emphasizes heart-healthy plant foods like fruits, veggies, nuts, beans and legumes, olive oil, whole grains and lean protein.


Lughnasadh (Loo-NAHS-ah) is named for the Irish sun God, Lugh, and is usually looked upon as the first of the three Pagan harvest festivals. Lughnasadh is primarily a grain harvest, one in which corn, wheat, barley and grain products such as bread are prominently featured. Fruits and vegetables which ripen in late summer are also a part of the traditional feast.


You can't go wrong with a Green Smoothie Bowl. Top it with all the goodness - fruits, nuts, seeds and any extras that help you get going in the morning.