Christmas is not thought of as frugal or minimalist, but it can be done. Here's how to have a frugal Christmas that won't cut down on the enjoyment level.

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31 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas on Frugal Coupon Living. Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas. DIY Gifts for the Christmas and Holiday Season.

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If your family is trying to save money this holiday season, consider this your Frugal Christmas Guide! Here are frugal tips for celebrating Christmas on a budget with money saving tips for Christmas gifts, holiday party food, DIY crafts, and Christmas decor ideas.

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One of the biggest budget crushers are all those little goodies you stuff into…| Tracy/Simple Living Country Gal

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101 Free or Frugal Christmas Gifts For Kids: As a parent you want to give your kids the best presents, but you can’t always afford that. These 100 Free Or Frugal Christmas Gifts For Kids are going to easily fit into your budget. Some items are free when you make them yourself. Other items on the list are frugal and under the $5-$10 range out of pocket costs. Most items are going to be less than $5. This is a great choice for adding to stockings, or as a treat with your Advent calendar.

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20 ideas for thoughtful, frugal Christmas gifts that will last! These won't get discarded and forgotten about after the presents are unwrapped.

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