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Frozen Funny Hans

14 Frozen Jokes You'll Only Understand if You're Obsessed with Disney

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After the last comment someone should've added a gif of the big summer blowout guy saying "toodaloo!"

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I love crazy! Disney Big Hero six funny. Big Hero Six and Frozen crossover. Funny hans picture. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH

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'He just takes villainy to a whole new level.' He makes Frollo look like a part time villain and still doe not work on the job!

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Previous pinner: Sooo..... I made somethin'! (by Prajina A. ) // Me: OH MY GOSH HAHAHAHAHAHA I AM DYING

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me when I watched frozen and I knew Hans was the bad guy as soon as "sandwiches" happened

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When I watched Frozen for like....... the 20th time. I was like....... HANS! Hurry up with ur evil plot, I wanna see the good part!

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Finally someone did it! // YESSSS OH MY GOSH I HAVE BEEN WAITING SO LONG FOR THIS I'M CRYING // THIS IS SO AWESOME------ yes it's perfect but if u were a true disnerd u would have noticed that the line is, "a horrible decision, really". Amateurs. :)

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