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Hi Guys! Yesterday was my Frozen Embryo Transfer and all went great.  Now its time to relax and let is happen.  The chances are around 50% … so I am in weird zone of trying not to get my hopes up but also trying to stay positive.  In the fertility world this is known as […]


This is how I feel about giving IVF a third try. It's taking a lot of strength to attempt it again, but we have to. We so badly want children.

from Babble

10 Facts About FET Cycle

Great article on Babble by a woman who is presently undergoing a frozen embryo is interesting to note that recent research has shown very good success rates in FET's.


I’ve received a few emails recently asking me what I ate during my two-week wait after our embryo transfer. And even though my embryo transfer ended in October, I remember the wait like it was yesterday! And if you’ve been reading the blog long enough, you already know I could not even wait the entire [...]