Frozen is not the first disney film

For all those people who won't get off Frozen's dick

Frozen is awesome, but please. It doesn't have to be the first for everything! Get your Disney facts straight people SERIOUSLY PEOPLE

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Funny pictures about Frozen And The Lion King Are The Same Movie. Oh, and cool pics about Frozen And The Lion King Are The Same Movie. Also, Frozen And The Lion King Are The Same Movie photos.

I despise how Frozen is this, Frozen that, it's like everyone has forgotten about other movies.

For Those Who Said That Frozen Was The First

Loved Frozen but. People keep forgetting that ALL of the things that everyone loves in Frozen were in the Classics. People keep making a big deal about it and they shouldn't, Frozen isn't the first. I loved it, but this is so accurate

A few facts about Disney's movie "Enchanted"

A few facts about Disney's movie "Enchanted".um, excuse me what about Paige O'Hara, Robbie Benson, & Judy Kuhn? They were in it too, as were the voices of Cinderella(or was it Aurora) and Snow White (in the masquerade scene)!

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What to watch on Netflix…

When someone says I'm too old for Pixar movies. You got a problem, buddy? Do ya? Do ya? DO YA?

Frozen... Yup obsessed!!!!

Frozen, great Disney movie for the family! "Only An act of true love can thaw a frozen heart.

Resemblances between Frozen and Catching Fire

Frozen and The Hunger Games anyone who has actually SEEN the Hunger Games knows that is all the two movies have in common. Other than that, the Hunger Games is nothing like Frozen.

Disney ladies don't need a guy

While I love the "sisters before misters" theme, Frozen is CERTAINLY not the first Disney film with women who can hold their own. But let's just say Frozen is the one that unite the morals of all "I don't need a man and sisters first" movies

Some people think Boo is Bonnie from Toy Story 3 but her name is Mary not Bonnie on Monsters inc. They look exactly alike almost tho.

14 Interesting Facts About Disney Films You Never Knew. The Frozen fact is wrong, Mulan was the first one movie/princess to teach girls don't need a man. Frozen is the first princess movie to be focused around sisterly love.

100 Disney Memes That Will Keep You Laughing For Hours

100 Disney Memes That Will Keep You Laughing For Hours

I hate how everyone says that frozen is the first Disney movie to do that. You're all stupid.

I am so sick of these new generation disney movies thinking they are better. Old school disney paved the way for these newly animated disney movies. Suck on that Frozen! But Frozen was still a really good movie.