Dr. Erin Bigler explains how Frontal Lobe Damage Impacts Behavior #braininjury http://braininjuryhelp.com/video-tutorial/frontal-lobe-damage-impacts-behavior-403/

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FRONTAL LOBE EXERCISES: Therapy for those who suffered brain damage to their frontal lobe(s) after a stroke--A form of traumatic brain injury, a frontal lobe injury requires recuperative exercises that involve physical and cognitive maneuvers to slowly restore the brain and body to a functioning level capable of accomplishing tasks in everyday society. Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/466462-frontal-lobe-exercises/#ixzz2OkfWQcx2

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Frontal Lobe Brain Damage Symptoms | frontal lobes phineas gage gage is no longer gage frontal

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Traumatic Brain Injury Resource Guide - Frontal Lobes

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