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Cercopidae(froghoppers, spittlebugs) order Homoptera - nymphs produce a solution of frothed plant sap for protection(hence the name spittlebug) - adults jump, often have red and black, but can be brown

How to Deal with Common Garden Pests

Here's a handsome black and red froghopper (#CercopisVulnerata) to kick off the week. I sometimes find these guys under taro leaves when it's really wet out. The ant in the frame is important. Froghoppers secrete a "honeydew" like substance that ants are attracted to. The ants in turn, protect the froghoppers. Cool, huh?…

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Flashback Friday: Insect fossil porn: Jurassic edition

these froghoppers somehow died while they were having sex, and they have now been doing the deed (in fossil form) for about 165 million years. "froghoppers’ genitalic symmetry and mating position have remained static for over 165 million years.”

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Fossil captures ancient insects having sex

About 165 million years ago froghoppers' mating session was interrupted by a volcanic eruption. | Froghoppers (Cosmoscarta sp., Cercopidae) | Pu'er, Yunnan, China see more froghopper information and images in a SINOBUG post on my tumblr blog HERE....