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How to Revive Second Day Curls (Curly Hair Fix Recipe)

Second Hair Day Fix Recipe. Fix that frizzy second day curls! Here is a hair recipe to help the mayhem!


Great for frizzy hair


How to Tame Frizzy Hair: 12 Hair Products That Work (Under $40)

Frizzy hair can be a real bummer, especially when humidity strikes, and after trying various DIY fixes with no luck, we've rounded up 12 fabulous hair products to help you learn how to get rid of frizzy hair once and for all. At less than $40 a pop, each of these frizz control products will teach you how to tame your locks before the humidity has a chance to take hold and ruin your look.


I have no idea of any of these work, and what may work for some may not work for others. ~#~#~ Kitchen Fixes For Beauty Problems 1) Blackheads = Cinnamon 2) Frizzy Hair = Vitamin E Oil 3) Yellow Teeth = Strawberries 4) Sunburn = Milk 5) Razor Rash = Aloe Vera 6) Cellulite = Coffee 7) Dry Skin = Oatmeal 8) Dandruff = Yogurt 9) Acne = Turmeric 10) Whiten Nails = Baking Soda


14 Natural Remedies For Frizzy Hair

Dry and frizzy hair is a cry for oil nourishment and moisturizing. Here are the top 12 home remedies for frizzy hair control.