A white tulip, the symbol of forgiveness or redemption.-Fringe

FRINGE - The white tulip symbolizes forgiveness, redemption, love and hope.

Fringe ( tv show, Fox)

FRINGE "Only those who risk going too far foind out how far they can go. Walter Bishop love this!

Fringe Glyph decoder. Secret message in every episode. I'll have to have this on hand while I go through the series

Glyph Decoder : Science Channel One of the above cryptic images, also known as "glyphs," appear before every commercial break. These images represent an alphabetic code that spells out a hidden message in each episode. must re-watch now!

Fringe Opening Credits-the first time i saw the intro i knew i was going to love this show!Best opening credits ever!!

Fringe opening credits- until the end of the second season I didn't notice that they change with each dramatic universe change!

Typographic print, from Fringe, a TV show quote, typography. Says, "Sometimes, the world we have is not the world we want, but we have our hearts and our imaginations to make the best of it."

Typographic print, Fringe, TV show quote, typography, motivational quote