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Illustrator and Designer Paul Tebbott -

Paul Tebbott is a visual artist, illustrator and designer, his works have a vector style and are simple but effective, he usually uses bright eye catching colours which grab your attention. Paul is from Manchester, UK and has a Society6 shop!


_HMS Surprise_, a modern replica of an 18th century Royal Navy frigate such as Brendan's nemesis, Captain Richard Crichton, would have commanded in HMS _Viper_.


HMS Sutherland's Last Battle by Geoff Hunt. Anther in the series of painting by Geoff Hunt honouring Hornblower and his creator C.S.Forester. Taken from the book-"A Ship of the Line" it depicts the battle between Hornblower's command Sutherland and 4 French ships of the line, which had boken through the British blockade of Toulon.


SUNKEN SHIPWRECK Treasure: Contents of the Flor de La Mar Lost:1511 - Current Est. Value: $2.6 Billion + (54,431kg of Gold x $49,000 per Kg) (Sumatra)