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Frieze Carpet Is Most Popular Style - : #CarpetTypes Frieze carpet, pronounced “free, say,” is one of the most popular styles of carpet because of its strength and wear resistance of the construction. It is hiding footprints and vacuum tracks. They are constructed with a high level of torque carpet, which relates to the treatment of...


Frieze /FRIZ-ay/ is a style of carpet. Example of other styles incl. Berber, shag, plush etc. Styles most noticeably impact how your carpet looks, but they also affect how the carpet performs. This is because to achieve certain styles, the carpet has to be constructed in a particular way. Frieze carpet consists of highly twisted strands of fiber which creates its unique appearance, & also makes the carpet fiber more durable Frieze is an excellent choice for high traffic areas.

Give your floor a fabulous face-lift with Crestview Frieze Carpet. A great addition to any decor, this textured carpet features flecks of Brown and Beige tones that beautify any room in your home!