"Look, this summer, I've seen some amazing things, but nothing as amazing as you and your sister. I don't know if it's dumb luck or yin and yang, or whatever, but when you two work together, there's like nothing you two can't accomplish. You just need to make up, and team up, and save the universe."

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I do Baby!! At times like this it makes it even more real as I desperately want to be with you..to comfort you..to be your rock & take charge of things so you don't have to worry..to hold you when that's what u need most..to sit with u quietly & just hold your hand..to be there for you..no matter how long....I Love YOU!! With All my heart I Do!! I'm holding you very tight & praying that everything will be ok!! I Love YOU!!:-* ***

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If me and my bestie get to like rlly old ladies im gunna say SHE was the bad influence. I'll leave you to decide if I was the one that hide under her brother's bed and grabbed his ankles. :)

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