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there's no such thing as the 'friend zone', only assholes who don't want to take no for an answer.

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No person is, and the "friend zone" should not be vilified. It means you are a friend, and no one is owed anything.

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Holy shit!! This is exactly how I feel every time I hear anyone complain about being in the "friendzone"! Get of your high horse, boys! We dont owe you shit!

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We don't think we are entitled to someone's love or affection <<< AMEN! The friendzone is a made up thing created by people that think that when they are nice to someone, it entitles them to sex. If you find a person like this who believes they have this right, do they really deserve to even have a friendship with you?

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Guys complain that they want the sweet girl they can "cuddle and watch movies with" You know where we are? In the friend zone where you left us while you chase the model-looking-sluts.

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