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The ingredients may be odd, but Scottish food is delicious. True- made a fried pasta bake with eggs and cheese.. now I'm curious about deep frying it!


Deep fried mars bar! I love them.... You freeze them solid, then double batter them then fry them but be careful they are VOLCANIC!

from Noshing With the Nolands

Deep Fried Mars Bars

from Lazy Ass Meals

The Deep Fried Mars Bar

A deep fried mars bar recipe that will leave you wanting more. This sickly but amazing dessert is super simple to quickly whip up and actually tastes pretty good.

from Laci the dog's Blog

Deep-fried Mars bar

No shit! I do have to admit to thinking this was a joke when I first heard about it.  It is an ordinary Mars bar normally fried in a type of batter commonly used for fish and chips. It originated a...