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Deep fried Biscuits'n'Gravy Balls. OMFGYEEEEESSSSSS!!!!! This is so going to happen to my mouth.

Scottish Potato Scones usually served with a traditional Scottish cooked breakfast. YUM! Ma, you should make me some of these and some tablet!

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Chocolate and raspberry doughnuts

Master the perfect doughnut with two flavour variations from the master himself, Paul Hollywood

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Welsh cakes

Welsh cakes. Similar to griddle scones, they have added fruit in the form of currants or raisins and are cooked on a griddle or in a frying pan.

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Doughnut French Toast

Doughnut French Toast: My weaknesses are mainly savoury - think salt and vinegar crisps or cheese and biscuits - but there are times when only a doughnut will do. This craving can get desperate late at night when the shops are shut, and even if they weren't, none of them sells the kind of doughnuts I dream of.

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