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Vintage film posters we want on our walls. Wonderful Movie. One of the Classic Musicals.

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very good use of a theme on this, unnecessary background with gandalf you would know what it is without it. the white on to gray to black is very nice touch the color scheme meshes together nicely, the poster communicate what the film is about as it a journey and they are traveling. It does appeal to the target audience as the background look magical.

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Pulp Fiction Vintage Movie Poster

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This has a very specific meaning to it, with a nice use of mist and almost zero light to give a sense of style as well.

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Metropolis (1927)

Metropolis (1927) - This has to be one of the coolest posters I've ever seen. But then Fritz Lang was a genius.

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The Abstract Butterfly's Sanctuary: Friday Night of Quotes: Misfits, Kids & Love => "Welcome to the island of the misfit toys."- The Perks of Being a Wallflower (Movie)

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Big (1988) - Dir. Penny Marshall This moment sums up so much of the magic of this film. I don't know anyone my age who doesn't want one of these pianos.

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