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There was a boat that sailed off at sea today, it was a one sided love fresh from a human heart—and it sails on even now, across an ocean of tears and unsaid words—towards heartbreak, the island of shattered dreams and dashed hopes; folklore says that sweet, sweet, isolation and solitude forever true make their home there.

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I love fresh off the boat so much. Ok wasn't it weird when Eddie had a sleepover at the white boy's house and the white boy farted on his mom?? And she was ok with it? Haha that was odd. - Sonia by peradilan_princess

Deer Fishing Done Properly

Deer Fishing Done Properly

Exhausted deer rescued by Alaskan fisherman. The most exhausted deer was helped off the boat on a wheelbarrow. Enjoy RUSHWORLD on Pinterest. We're supportive and funny and we bring fresh content to your face every day!

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ANCHOR me down (25 photos)

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"Fresh off the boat" means "newly arrived from a foreign place". - Learn and improve your English language with our FREE Classes. Call Karen Luceti 410-443-1163 or email to register for classes. Eastern Shore of Maryland. Chesapeake College Adult Education Program.

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The TV Shows You Need To Watch Starting Now

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