This would be a great plenary to a lesson on calculations. $100 Challenge Some $100 words include: elephants, straws, cousins, explains, writing, squares

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Animal Farm match up. I'll never forget this or the symbolism for the French revolution in Dickens' A tale of two Cities either, thanks to my high school AP English teacher!

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Use this Connect Four game to have students practice their Spanish numbers. They have to say the equation aloud in Spanish along with the sum.

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Language Cops in the Classroom? How To Set Up a Classroom Crime Scene (and 8 Language Activities You Can Do with It)

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Standard style lesson plans put into PowerPoint for easy showing in the classroom, printing for handouts etc. All the objectives covering Number, Probabil...

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This would make a good ice breaker for the first day of class. It would get students up out of their seats and moving around interacting with each other. Volunteers could also read theirs to the class. The only problem I see that could occur is that all the questions may not have matching students.

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Key stage 1 higher ability and lower ks2 addition and subtraction column method mastery task

Lego Therapy Each table consisted of: A Supplier - He is in charge of the parts An Architect - He is in charge of the plans A Builder - His job is to build the model And of course an aide who's job was to gently "guide" them.

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