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Parmesan Garlic Parsnip French Fries

Happy Hour Photos) The bell rings, the whistle blows, it's 5 o'clock it's YOUR time. Time to loosen the tie, grab an icy cold one or adult beverage on th...


Mama's Baked French Fries

Mama's Baked French Fries recipe from Trisha Yearwood via Food Network To simplify the baking process I put them on a wire rack on the baking pan. Saved me from having to flip them during cooking

Crispy Turnip 'Fries' - My daughters and I are on a low-carb diet and were looking for something to curb our 'French fry' cravings. I've heard that turnips can be made into some great 'fries.' I experimented with it and came up with this. You can add whatever spices you'd like


America's most diet-busting french fries revealed (and McDonald's is the healthy option!)

Researchers for Eat This, Not That! The No-Diet Weight Loss Solution found that one portion can differ by as many as calories.


Baked Polenta Fries

GRAB YOUR DIET AND LIFE MANAGEMENT GUIDE TO SUPPORT KIDNEYBUZZ.COM AND IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH OUTCOMES. CLICK HERE. GET YOUR "NO BLOOD PRESSURE (BP)/NO NEEDLE STICK (STICK)" MEDICAL ALERT BRACELET.CLICK HERE. NUTRITION INFORMATION PER SERVING Serving Size Serves 4 Calories 30 Protein 12g. Carbohydrates 9g. Total Fat 1g. Cholesterol 5mg. Potassium 105mg. Sodium 75mg. Phosphorus 35mg. Sugar 0g. INGREDIENTS Olive Oil 2tbsp. Water 3c. Polenta 1c. Black Pepper 1/4tsp. Grated Parmesan Cheese…