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The Pearl of France

The coastline of Menton, France, seen from the Quai Impératrice Eugénie. Menton is a lesser known little town on the French Riviera, just before you cross into Italy, that beats its glamorous neighbours in charm and ambiance. It has a beautiful bay with houses in an array of warm tints spilling down the hillside to the sea. The view reminded me of pictures I’ve seen of Cinque Terre in Italy, but Menton is a lot less touristy (you can click through to the blog post for more photos)

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Thick and Fluffy Flourless Banana Smoothie Pancakes (V, GF)- Quick, easy and SUPER fluffy blender pancakes made with NO eggs, no flour and NO sugar! The perfect breakfast to keep you satisfied! {vegan, gluten free, sugar free recipe}-

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Homemade Baby / Makeup Remover / Cleaning Wipes!

  I thought I was pretty clever when I figured out how to make my own microwave popcorn using a brown paper lunch bag.  All you have to do is put some unpopped popcorn kernels in a brown bag, fold it over, and stick it in the microwave.  Pretty darn …

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Who Says Neutral Is Best?: Rooms Featuring Sofas in Every Color

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5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Visit Paris

C'est le Pont des Arts à Paris . Je voudrais mettre un verrou ici . Je me demandais combien de serrures maintenant . Je pense qu'il y a trop pour les compter !

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20 Fabulous Wedding Favors to Give Away with Pride

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Work appropriate colors: Amber lights, taupe tulips, bubbly champagne, la Creme, pink chiffon, and white lily for French tips. Sensationail colors

Evening espresso (20 photos)

I need to go to Paris! But you have to throw away the key into the river with that person!!! This is on my list!!

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