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French bulldog rescue uk

Margot at Dogs Trust Newbury loves to go for long walks and playing with toys. she is good with other dogs but can be very OTT for some so a playmate is a must.

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Savage trade in underage and illegal puppies highlighted by UK charity

French bulldogs are the most popular breed smuggled into the UK from Central and Eastern Europe. Mabel is one of the many French bulldogs rescued from the boot of a car or the back of a van, destined to be sold online.

*****APPEAL FOR INFORMATION*****Last week we rescued a pair of terrified French Bulldog puppies after they were abandoned in a cardboard box in Pontypool Park, Wales. They are both very underweight and suffering from skin problems. Please get in touch if you recognise these dogs or know anything about where they may have come from.

The Bourne Identity crisis: New spy star Jeremy Renner turns up on Legacy set with six-inch high toy dog

The Bourne Identity crisis: Jeremy Renner was seen arriving on the set of new movie The Bourne Legacy with his tiny six-inch high toy dog

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Lost Dog? DogLost reunites lost, stray and stolen dogs with their owners. Join the UK's biggest dog rescue community.

Boris wore a Comfy Collar ... “We rescued a little French Bulldog who had chronic ear infections that were left untreated. Due to his breed he has major issues with e-collars because with his flat face he couldn’t reach his water/food bowls. The Comfy Collar has worked WONDERS. He absolutely loves it! He uses it as a pillow and can access his food and drink easily. In just a few days his ears have improved dramatically and we haven’t worried about leaving him when he’s wearing it.”…

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Want a handbag dog or designer puppy? This is the true cost...

Demand for "designer" cross-breed dogs and "handbag" dogs has soared - particularly French bulldogs, Pomeranians, shih-tzus, Yorkshire terriers, and pugs

Darla was rescued from the mean streets of Atlanta. Little peach is getting ready for NY winters. - more at

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The internet's new favorite dog: Lenny the bulldog with a cleft palate takes the web by storm

Cute: Lentil the bulldog is fed by tube every three hours as he builds up strength for surgery

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Shocking pictures of five-month-old puppy held down and savaged in DOG-BAITING ring

puppy used as bait! Demand a crackdown on dog fights in Hull, United Kingdom! - Meet Hero, a French bulldog pug cross. He was used for sport by dog-baiters before being dumped in a park in the city of Hull...

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