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This is a picture of the french army on the western front.It is a representation of the trench warfare that occurred and caused a stalemate.

from BuzzFeed

The Most Powerful Images Of World War I

A strongman in the French army lifting a cannon overhead along with three of his comrades astride it, 1917.


Senegalese warriors landed by the Coast Guard. Senegalese soldiers with the French Army.

Did You Know? The French Army Invaded Germany in 1939 To Support The Polish

French soldier with an early grenade launcher, on the end of his rifle.


"4th Hussars Regiment of french Army charging at Tarragona during the Peninsular War (1808 - 1814)", Augusto Ferrer Dalmau


Near Algiers, "Torch" troops hit the beaches behind a large American flag "Left" hoping for the French Army not fire on it.

german soldiers talking with nigerian french army POWs (france 1940)

Verdun, 1916 Photo of a soldier’s hand left on the battlefield after the battle of Verdun in WWI. It is a horrific photo, not because of any gore and violence being seen. The hand is what is left from the violence that has occurred and leaves, in the viewers mind, the images of all the violence that must occurred before this image was captured.