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I'm soooooooo happy to see that chickens are finally getting the chance to roam around and play! Of course, they can't do any of those things in a tiny cage!

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Limited Free Range Chickens: 12 Tips to Balance Freedom & Safety -

The idea of true free range chickens is great, but in reality it's dangerous. To balance freedom and safety, we use a modified free range system which we describe in detail, along with tips on fencing, layout and location of chicken yard, providing cover, choosing appropriate chicken breeds, etc., so that you can develop your own limited free range system.

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'Buff Orpington' hens having free range of garden, with protection provided for certain border plants - The Kitchen Garden, Troston, Suffolk

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Easy Backyard Chicken Coop Plans

Chicken chunnels:) These are awesome! One of our members showed hers off so click on the photo to see more!

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Kristin I. Peterson on

"Free range" means there aren't individual cages, but the whole farm is a cage and the exit is death.

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Not all of the Mug shots are free! Check your syn values with this handy graphic, featuring the full range of noodle, rice and pasta mug shots.

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VORWERK Rare pure breed, attractive, enjoy free range but fine in a run. Buff with black head, neck and tail. Medium light breed Egg colour: Cream Approximate number of eggs per year: 240

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Chicken tunnel at the fence line can help with insect & weed control for the whole garden

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