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University of Southhampton’s Knitting Reference Library, an extensive resource of books, catalogues, patterns, journals and magazines—over seventeen decades worth.


Book of Kells Now Free to View Online

Book of Kells made digital by Trinity College Dublin. Happy St. Patrick's Day! …


The International Children’s Digital Library is a free online library of digitized children’s books in many languages from various countries. Designed specifically for use by children ages 3 to 13, ICDL is operated by the International Children’s Digital Library Foundation and originally developed in the College of Information Studies and the Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Dendritic slip: Jeff Zamek shares research and formulas. - Free Online Library

SAGA OF RAGNAR LODBROK: If you watch the VIKINGS television show, you've met a version of Ragnar Loðbrók. If you want to meet the "original" Ragnar, you should read his saga. It's short, it's exciting, it's better than TV it's the new featured free eBook in The Norse Mythology Online Library. Download the free eBook (PDF format) at