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from Mail Online

By Rebecca English for the Daily Mail


Friedrich II, King of Prussia (born 1712, acceded 1740, died 1786), painting (1870), by Wilhelm Camphausen (1818-1885).


Army of Frederick the Great: Drummer, Dragoon No 5 Bayreuth by Adolph Menzel, from "Die Armee Friedrichs des Grossen in ihrer Uniformierung" Formed in 1717 as the Dragoon Regiment No.5 'Bayreuth' (Dragoner-Regiment Nr.5 Bayreuth Dragoner) it remained a part of the Prussian order of battle until 1918.


A German ebony, wood, mother-of-pearl and brass game board, c.1720-30, with the heraldic eagle emblem of Frederick the Great, King of Prussia (1712-86). (Philadelphia Museum of Art)


Statue of Frederick the Great (King of Prussia, 1740-1786), on Unter den Linden, Berlin. The statue was originally commissioned by Frederick William IV, to commemorate Frederick's 100th birthday. The statue was taken down during the war, and is in jeopardy during the GDR of being melted down, and was only saved by a group of East German bureaucrats. After the GDR changed their minds about Frederick and decided that he was actually a communist, he was restored in 1985.