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Prussian grenadiers being inspected by Frederick the Great during the Seven Years War.

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Frederick the Great after the Battle of Kolin: picture by Julius Schrader

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Frederick the Great leading his troops into battle at Zorndorf, Seven Years War

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King Frederick the Great of Prussia on foot, personally carrying the war flag of Prussia & leading his troops against the Austrians

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frederick the great | Frederick the Great (1712-1786) in his study. Illustration from House ...

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Frederick the Great being offered water by one of his cuirassiers after the Battle of Kollin

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Frederick the Great restores the regimental honours of the Regiment Bernberg after the battle of Liegnitz.

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Victoria, Princess Royal (1840-1901) eldest child of Victoria and Albert. Mother of Kaiser William II.

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Snuffbox associated with Frederick the Great of Prussia, about 1775. Bloodstone quartz, gold, diamonds and coloured glass. This snuffbox is made from seventeen panels of bloodstone quartz mounted in gold, set with diamonds, some coloured yellow and others with metal foil behind to reflect the light. The cover is set with a vase in coloured glass, with a bouquet of stylized flowers in emeralds, rubies and diamonds, all within a border of diamonds in gold and sprigs of glass flowers.

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Prussian hussars in the army of Frederick the Great

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