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Jeran is fifteen. He cam from an abusive home and has recently been separated from his two siblings. They know he is going to be difficult and take a lot of work. He's only been there for an hour, and already he's cussed you out twice and broken a couple of things. @teresaspadt

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Firestarter (1984)

I love this idea because it's the ultimate product testing in action clinical trials. Something people need to think about when they go to do them. (Ok the story line is good too.)

Ally Venable: Freddie King Going Down Ally Venable: Freddie King Going Down October 5 2016 October 5 2016 Ally Venable

i have so much love for this.. its just soo sad.... This just breaks my heart in to tiny little pieces!!!!!!!!

Freddie King - Big Bill Broonzy and Little Walter made this traditional Blues a classic. Eric Clapton and Duane Allman made it iconic. Eric does it with BB too. Freddie King had his own unique flair. This is the bluesman’s own song. “I’ve got the key, key to the highway,” “Billed out, and bound to go.” “You know you haven’t done nothin” But drove a good man away from home.”