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14 charged in Ohio fraternity hazing incident

14 charged in Ohio fraternity hazing incident...The Clinton County prosecutor's office says each suspect is charged with either misdemeanor assault or hazing.

Mother of Golf Prodigy in Hazing Death Defied by FratPAC

The mother of a young college student killed in a fraternity hazing ritual runs into obstacles as she fights against such behavior. Lord have mercy!

7 Leaked Fraternity Hazing Rituals From Yale’s Skull And Bones | Thought Catalog

James Franco suits up for the French premiere of In Dubious Battle

Hitting US theaters September 23! The California native will next play Mitch in the critically-acclaimed fraternity hazing drama Goat alongside Nick Jonas (L) and Ben Schnetzer

Family says fraternity hazing ritual to blame for death of student

Extreme conditions: Police say Armando Villa appears to have died from heat exhaustion while on a fraternity-sponsored hike in the Angeles National Forest


Greenwich, CT

Fraternity hazing commonly occurs in colleges.

Charivari, or shivaree, started as a French folk custom, going back to the Middle Ages. It was originally a mark of disfavor—for example, if the neighbors thought a widow had remarried too soon. But in the American West, the shivaree was all in fun. One writer describes the shivaree as a combination of trick-or-treating, fraternity hazing, and Christmas caroling. The participants would gather at nightfall to wake the newlyweds, then the fun would begin.

Bridgeport, CT

Hazing is a crime. It is prohibited in most states. Nearly all colleges and universities also have policies against fraternity hazing.