I've recently discovered that I have a new-found love for a classy, southern gentleman frat type of guy. I'm a little embarrassed, but there's somethin' bout a boy from the South.

Stuff I wish my boyfriend would wear (29 photos)

I& recently discovered that I have a new-found love for a classy, southern gentleman frat type of guy. I& a little embarrassed, but there& somethin& bout a boy from the South.

If you don't like America, then fuck you.

Cooler Men - this is beautiful, gotta love southern frat men.and presidents

Preppy Inspiration - Imgur

Preppy Inspiration


11 frases para disfrutar del verano

Preppy summer look for summer. Button down shirt, khakis, leather and woven belt

Frat Hairstyles - Short Comb Over

Top 23 Frat Haircuts

Hairstyles Top 23 Frat Haircuts,While the best frat boy haircut can’t magically flip you into probably the most charming and well-liked man on campus in a single day, the most e.

The Look | Chubbies Shorts

The Look

Sky's out, thighs out. Fellas If you shorts are more than inches above the knees theres a problem.

Dead on description of a narcissist. I think the number is actually much higher among successful business men. Especially if they were once part of a college fraternity. The "frat" boys are trained to look clean and presentable. In reality, they have very low morals. Yet they seem to feel pride over keeping each others dirty little secrets. Bunch of white collar bullies.

My narc gets a checkmark for very single item on this list. check mark GPS-Grace Power Strength: Common Phrases Spoken By (and signs of) A Narcissistic Sociopath

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Wants & Desires

Sperry TopSider Boat Shoes Ugg boots give them to me now and I mean now because if my friends saw me wearing them they would freak out. All my friends love bows and what a perfect way to ugg-onsale.

The Preppy Life #Prep #Preppy

A lot of guys are hearing that Mary Jane gives people a "Good Time". They feed into these rumors and try to hook up with her. She is constantly getting phone calls to the home phone with boys requesting dates, hook ups. Even guys that have girlfriends.