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How to easily remove sticky labels from bottles without scrapping, scrubbing, or using harsh chemicals. SO easy. And why Starbucks Frappuccino bottles are great for parties


Repurposed Starbucks frappaccino bottles. I have done this before :)


11 Ways to Repurpose Starbucks frappuccino bottles


Great and easy way to decorate a table. Save small glass juice bottles, pull/slide decorative balloons onto the bottle, add some ribbon or other embellishments. Voila

from Chickabug

How to take labels off of Frappuccino bottles

How to take the labels off of Frappuccino bottles - it's easier than you'd think!


@Kathy Chan Chan Connett - ALSO cute little pumpkin guys!!! 216 Grant: Craft. Frappuccino bottle pumpkin votives.

I saw something almost exactly like this at Hallmark the every day and had a light bulb moment. I can drink 4 Frappuccino's, get a wicket caffeine buzz and make these! I just stamped and embossed the images directly onto the bottles. ** check out my blog at


Easy thrifty centerpiece using Starbucks Frappuccino bottles


Light Whimsy: Give a gift - altered frappuccino bottles

tinted Starbucks frappuccino bottles