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Franz Kline, New York, 1953

- Foyer Art by Franz Kline In this piece Franz Kline captured "a dance" of painting. By applying black on white and then white on black, with hardware paint enamels he created an abstract art, full of vivid colours. 2 years before Abstract pursue, he was drawn to figurative and furniture drawings. It all changed when he visited his friend who introduced projector, an innovation back then, and Kline's mind changed. He now was able to project his drawings, more often done on yellow pages from…

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Franz Kline Biography

American artist Franz Kline (1910-1962) in his studio photographed by John Cohen. See black n white card below which looks similar.

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Beautiful abstract expressionist painting.Franz Kline: Blueberry Eyes, 1959-60 - oil on paperboard (Smithsonian)

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Franz Kline _It took me a while to think these were real art. But when I look at his paintings through the years, I seem to gain and understanding. I love the way he goes down to just the essence!

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Franz Kline - Ochre and Grey Composition 1955 oil and paper mounted to canvas 20 x 16 in.

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