Percy Jackson, Nico Di Angelo, Hazel Levesque, Frank Zhang, Annabeth Chase, Piper McLean, Jason Grace, Leo Valdez, and Reyna

drizzledrawings: “ It’s nothing much but here’s my updated version on how I draw the children (I’ve literally had no inspiration for PJO in like a month so) ”

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Percy Jackson Comic from Mark of Athena when Sciron captures the crew of the Argo II

Jason Grace, Frank Zhang, Leo Valdez, Piper McClean, Hazel Levesque, Percy Jackson

Percy lost his from nick and hazel, and Jason lost his from Leo and piper.

Frank Zhang quote. OMG... I just realized... if Frank is neither... THEN THAT MEANS I COULD ACTUALLY BE A DEMIGOD!!!!

Not only is Frank a funny , amazing friend, he's also Canadian and from a military family. Thank you Uncle Rick - it meant a lot to me. -Autumn <--- I love how rick has made them diverse and not just one race

Frank is so amazing; or should I say amaZHANG... I'll let myself out

Frank is so amazing; or should I say amaZHANG>>Nice pun there, also, I like him because he's half Chinese. Which i think is kinda cool because I live in Asia

Lololol this is so perfect I can't even. #PJO #HOO #FrankZhang

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Frank in the beginning of the House of Hades book on top. Frank at the end of House of Hades