Frank Ocean - Pyramids [Uncut] ft John Mayer

Watch the music video for Frank Ocean's single Pyramids [Uncut] ft. John Mayer with lyrics to sing along to.

frank ocean x pyramids.

frank ocean x pyramids.

this is one of my all time favorite song lyrics because there is so much truth gathered in one sentence.

She straightens her hair, puts on eyeliner, glosses her lips &takes one last look in the mirror, all for the boy who will never care -Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean – Pyramids Lyrics | Genius

Cleopatra Sand sculpture by Susanne Ruseler, Frankston, Victoria, Australia, 2009

Frank Ocean – Pyramids Lyrics | Genius

Scientist will use cosmic rays to unveil Egypt's pyramids secrets and finally show how the they were built.Scientists from all over the world started 'Scan Pyramids' project, to find chambers, construction techniques and discover new tombs.

Frank Ocean – Pyramids Lyrics | Genius

Pyramids Lyrics: Set the cheetahs on the loose / There's a thief out on the move / Underneath our legion's view / They have taken Cleopatra / Run run run, come back for my glory / Bring her back to

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Frank Ocean - Eyes Like Sky

Here goes an unreleased track from Frank Ocean titled "Eyes Like Sky", which supposedly didn't make the cut for his 'Channel ORANGE' album.