Let’s Talk About Frank Ocean: “Channel ORANGE”

Let’s Talk About Frank Ocean: “Channel ORANGE”

I need a second album                                            Badly.

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Frank Ocean and Adam Lambert were both nominated for GLAAD awards, as well as the Buffy comics, Glee, NBC's The New Normal and Lana Wachowski's film, Cloud Atlas.

Frank Ocean  Photography Todd Cole Photography assistance Alex Aristei Frank wears top French Connection. Chain model's own. [The Royalty Issue, No. 318, Spring 12]

finally, a real update on frank ocean’s second album

'Frank’s exploring different vibes completely on this album,' says his trusted producer, Malay.

Frank Ocean, a tornado flew around my room before you came in, excuse the mess it made it usally don't rain in southern California much like Arazona my eyes dont shed tears but boy the bawl when im thinkin' bout you oh no no no.<3

I like this image because Frank Ocean looks very determined. I like the use of the red on the bandana because it draws a lot of attention to his face by being the brightest thing in the image.