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The Inzerillo-Gambino Mafia clan is a transatlantic Mafia family, based in Palermo and NYC. In the US the Sicilian faction in the Gambino crime family is the core of the group. Frank Cali who is married to Rosaria Inzerrilo was just named the new boss of the Gambino crime family.


The Gambino crime family has appointed Brooklyn born wiseguy Frank Cali as its new acting boss according to law enforcement and mob sources.

Gambino capo Lorenzo mannino , he was the captain of the 18th avenue crew but seems to have been replaced . This possibly means he is on the gambino administration today as he is very close to dom cefalu , frank Cali and John gambino


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Pietro “Tall Pete” Inzerillo a Gambino soldier with ties back to Italy and brother in law of Gambino power Frank Cali'.


L2R: Charles Carneglia, Jojo Corozzo and Frank Cali'.

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John Gambino - John Gambino - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Gambino family historical leadership, bosses and acting bosses. Alfred Manfredi is missing cause i couldn't find his picture. Ignazio Lupo Salvatore D'Aquila Al Manfredi (missing) Frank Scalice Vincent Mangano Albert Anastasia Carlo Gambino Paul Castellano John Gotti Junior Gotti Peter Gotti Arnold Squitieri Nicholas Corozzo Dom Cefalu' Frank Cali