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Lobster tagliatelle

Francesco Mazzei shares a sunny lobster tagliatelle recipe with Great British Chefs, classically Italian and all the better for it!

Spicy aubergine polpette

Francesco Mazzei knows how to get a dinner party started – crispy aubergine morsels paired with a firey jam – you'll be hooked from the first bite to the last.

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Lobster tagliatelle

Big on both flavour and luxury, lobster spaghetti is a favourite in many southern Italian coastal towns. Bring some sunshine into your kitchen by whipping up Francesco Mazzei's lobster spaghetti recipe - a gorgeous take on a classic.

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Francesco Mazzei: "My Cooking Style? It's 'Nduja Proudness"

Tartufo di Pizzo – Chocolate and hazelnut ice cream bombe

This tartufo di Pizzo recipe is one of Francesco Mazzei's favourite dishes from Calabria in Italy. Unwrapping the paper exterior reveals a chocolate ice cream bombe with a hidden centre of hazelnut ice cream, sugared hazelnuts and thick chocolate sauce.

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Francesco Mazzei: "My Cooking Style? It's 'Nduja Proudness"

Meet Calabria-born and London-based chef Francesco Mazzei: his first restaurant, opened in 2008, is rated as one of the best Italian restaurants in England. >>

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