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The Travel Bucket List: Part 4

This picture represents positioning because the diver is positioned in the middle of the picture

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Hand-coloring 5 The bike wheel creates a frame for part of the water and the sun, adding color to only the inside looks really cool, and unique.

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Les photos Instagram parfaitement symétriques qui raviront les toqués

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Petra Reimann talks to

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How I Created This Viral Puddle Reflection Picture in Photoshop

My name is Michael Pistono, and I'm a 28-year-old photo enthusiast living in Honolulu, Hawaii. I was recently playing around with a reflection photo when I

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I think this image stands out due to the effect of the rectangles getting smaller as you look further through the image, looking at the person like figure at the bottom rectangle, as though they're looking up through the rectangles where the photographer has taken a photo. What also adds to this photo is the fact its been taken / edited in black and white, as I feel that if it were in colour it wouldn't be as moody.

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Seattle airport - the TUBE to the next terminal. Kind of freaky. Open elevator doors and it moves sideways!

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The reflection and shape of the bridge is incredible, and the way it frames the tree line is really cool - photographer unknown

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