westworld title sequence Fantastic series loved it all the more because I am writing satire about stuff similar. White knuckle with JJs touches and superb television with suitable twists. Love it. Fav series of this year and fab sucessor to movie. 20 out of 12

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Magazine art portraits | Austrian artist Gabi Trinkaus makes image composites using mixed media and collages made from magazine tear-outs ◈

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Photographer Aydin Büyüktas’ background in film and visual effects really shows in “Flatland”, a cinematic series of drone footage digitally manipulated to create shots of Istanbul which seem to fold over on themselves. Büyüktas must have loved Inception. More images below! … Continue reading →

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The integration of the sound element graphic, revealing the positive space of the image is really a great solve in highlighting the theme. Unheard music in film.

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