Ok, for those who think this is not true, here is the link to the Form SC 13G - Statement of acquisition of beneficial ownership by individuals for News Corp.  the owner of Fox.  http://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1308161/000112329212000264/0001123292-12-000264-index.htm    So you have Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud is part owner of News Corp.  who is the money behind Fox News.  We report; you decide what Fox News is really about.

Hey Fox News viewers. This man is Al-Waleed Bin Talal. He is the largest shareholder in Fox News, and has helped fund the "Ground Zero Mosque" that Fox got millions of uninformed viwers like you to protest.

I'm usually not one to flaunt my political views, but I love this! Fox News summed up in one image

Fox News summed up in one image

FOX News- rich people paying rich people to tell middle class people to blame poor people. So true.

Faux News, the illusion of knowledge. - The entertainment division for the saboteurs.

BEHOLD: '50 Fox News Lies In 6 Seconds'

Watching Fox News only gives you the ILLUSION of knowledge. Studies show that those who watch Fox News are found to less informed than those who watch no news.

Fox News' lies are dangerous for America. Courts ruled it legal for them to lie, and still call it "news". Disgusting. Faux News.

Fox News lies are legal, but very dangerous for America. Courts ruled in 2003 that it is legal for them to lie and deceive, and still call it "news". How our justice system has gotten so corrupt since Reagan !

'We do get faux news in Canada, but it is not classified as a " news " channel. At best we view it as a comedy channel, mostly we cannot stomach it for more than 5 or 10 minutes at a time. We do have laws against promoting hate, so Ann Coulter was denied entry when attempting to speak at a Toronto University. Gw Bush was protested as a war criminal and I saved the best for last. Dick Cheney said he would not visit Canada because it was too " dangerous " by:Marilyn Robertson'

Regulators Reject Proposal That Would Bring Fox-Style News to Canada

And this is because in 2003 a court decision was decided in Fox News' favor that it can LEGALLY lie or intentionally misrepresent facts aired to American viewers.

Fox News Stops Pretending To Be A News Network By Standing Behind Bill O'Reilly

Fox News (not) Lies: Blames Bill Clinton (and Hillary) for the Chattanooga, TN shootings.

Linked, The Power Elite and Religion: The alleged al-Qaeda financier, Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, is a very close friend of Rupert Murdoch and his family, who control major media companies like Fox News. • http://www.aim.org/aim-column/scandal-rocks-fox-news-over-saudi-terror-link/

Saudi prince sells most of his News Corp stock for £125m

"That's right, the guy they're painting as a sinister money force OWNS Fox News.

I point this out to my friends & family who rely on Fox "News". They don't care.

Honesty not required. Faux News can legally Lie. "During their appeal, FOX asserted…

~ "Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities."

If you ever want to hear about what ISN'T actually happening, tune in to Fox "News"

Let's see. Credibility of Fox News vs Credibility of Forbes. Hmmm, no contest! Forbes wins hands down. Doubt this? Which one does all of Trump's rich buddies read to stay up on the economy? It isn't Fox! So all you Trump followers, put a sock in it and learn to live with facts and not Fox fantasies.

He did do it despite the Republicans and despite the Great Recession that they created. Reagan did a terrible job, and he was as corrupt as the Bible thumping freaks he allowed to further infiltrate the Republican Party.

RACIST PUPPET MEGAN KELLY(FOX NEWS)...MAKING A COMMENT LIKE THIS IS DISGUSTING!! ("I'm not sure who was angered by her comments, but I love this!")


IDIOT Megan Kelly, of FOX News Making a comment like this is disgraceful! Talk about an appeal to racism.

Bloviator Meaning | Stupid Fox News Quotes

The Most Ridiculous Things Ever Said By Fox News Hosts

Fox News Guest Perfectly Mocks the Network for Trying to Slander the FBI for Trump (Video) | Forward Progressives

Fox News Guest Perfectly Mocks the Network for Trying to Slander the FBI for Trump (Video)

This goes for trump telling his cult of followers that everyone else but him is lying to them too. Wake the fuck up!

The Most Ridiculous Things Ever Said By Fox News Hosts

Because stupid doesn't get any better than Fox News to bring back neutrality to the news. TIME to pass a law that TV shows cannot lie! Fow news got court OK to lie to people in

12/15/17 | Ex-CIA director puts Fox News ‘on notice’ for their ‘conspiratorial hit job’ on Robert Mueller and the FBI

Ex-CIA director puts Fox News ‘on notice’ for their ‘conspiratorial hit job’ on Robert Mueller and the FBI