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The Fox and The Leaves was originally done in gouache with ink detailing. This print is printed on fine art archival rag paper that has been cut

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Everywone have respect for and love rony the fox he died in 2012 :( but he was the cutest fox ever seen

The Fox by

"The Fox" original in gouache with ink detailing. All artwork is original by AudreyMillerART (via deviantART).

Color Me Fox outline by Tsuki-no-Rakuen on deviantART

I made this to get my drawing juices flowing in the right direction. The fox came from [link] I'm choosing a few from there to turn in to "color me art". Color Me Fox outline

Vulpes vulpes!

Foxes in many cultures are revered as intelligent beings who outsmart their peers of the animal kingdom. In Japanese culture, the Kitsune (fox) is also .